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The Team


Hannah Wauchope

Group Lead

I work as a Lecturer in Ecology & Conservation at the University of Edinburgh. My research focuses on the impacts of conservation and how it can be done more effectively, using innovative methodologies and large datasets. Plus a bit of dabbling in looking at the impacts of climate change to species distributions.

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Francesca Fehlberg 

PhD Student

I'm a PhD student based at the University of Edinburgh. My research uses passive acoustic monitoring to understand how various restoration and vegetation types impact avian species richness in the West Sudanian Savannas of Africa.

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Tani Hackney

PhD Student

I'm a PhD student based primarily at the University of Bristol. My research uses large global datasets to understand the efficacy of protected areas in promoting functional diversity and resilience of waterbird populations, especially in facilitating their ability to resist and recover from current and future threats.

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Joe Everest

PhD Student

I am an ecologist and remote sensing researcher, using novel approaches and datasets to better understand and characterise vegetation functional diversity throughout the Arctic and alpine tundra.

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Iona Selman

Masters Student

Project Title: "How will climate change affect snowshoe hare/lynx population cycles?"

(Not actually a red squirrel)

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Past Members


Masters Student

Project Title: "Did early civilisations determine how tree species spread through Europe?"

(Not actually a toucan)



Masters Student

Project Title: "Factors affecting protected area performance for UK waterbirds"

(Not actually an anteater)

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